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Enable Accounts with Restricted Access

Once this feature is activated from our end, you will receive a mail with concerned details.

Read the given set of instructions to understand how the feature is going to work on your Portal:

  • With this feature enabled, access to selected student IDs can be restricted to your institute's computers only.
  • The selected users will not be able to access their accounts 'outside the range' of your institute's network, or on any other network.
  • A computer on which access is yet to be granted, logging into a student's account will not be possible and the message highlighted below will appear on your login page instead:

How to implement it?

  • Once the feature has been enabled on your portal, the following steps need to be taken to create restricted accounts:
  • Choose the Type Site category as [Institute Only] (Physical Access Only) when creating a new user account.
  • Before starting the next step, you need to switch to a different browser, other than Chrome... like Opera or Edge.
  • After creating Physical Type accounts, you need to open and login on one of your institute's PCs with the access link given in the mail.
  • You can log in using the password mentioned in the mail and it will allow the software to run on PCs connected to your institute's Wi-Fi Router.
  • After successful login to the access link, the following page opens:

Note: Please do not close this window until the student has finished using the software.

  • Your students which have the Physical Access Type accounts will now be able to access the portal.

Note: For already created users, you can switch their access type to [Institute Only] from the Edit User Info Page.

(On the Users Page, click on the Pencil Icon in the right corner)