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Issues Faced While Taking Mock Tests

If your students have been facing issues while taking tests on your Portal, please read the information given below:

History page, if the test entry shows any of the following:

 not set(not complete) / not evaluated / in progress


The errors in the image above can be spotted by going into the History Tab, where the list of mock tests can be found. This can occur when a student ends the test prematurely by pausing it, or the test window gets closed by mistake. It can also occur in case of a sudden browser shut down, or due to a system crash on your PC. In any case, if the complaint is regarding the incompletion of a test, always direct the user to cross-check and confirm whether the test has been completed or not.

You can check the pattern of marks distribution for PTE by clicking on the button highlighted below:


The test gets stuck on the loading screen during any action:


If an issue cannot be resolved or an error cannot be identified, as shown above, you can set up Anydesk with us. We will then proceed to check for the issue in Dev Tools.