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Provide your students with an exceptional preparation journey for the PTE Core and PTE Academic Exam with our branded, white-label PTE software. Access an extensive suite of tools including over 5,000 practice questions for PTE Core, comprehensive mock tests, and skill-based assessments tailored for the PTE Core.

'Create Both PTE Academic and PTE Core Users!'
Our platform allows seamless creation and management of both PTE Academic and PTE Core users simultaneously, enhancing your institution's flexibility in offering diverse exam preparation tools for Canadian Immigration.

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White-labelled PTE Core Software for Institutes

Showcase your coaching institute’s unique brand with customizable software features: add your logo, trainer images, and a personalized domain. Enhance your PTE Core curriculum with integrated study materials or incorporate your own recorded lectures from online classes to provide a personalized touch.

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Enhanced Learning Experience with Recorded Lectures

Deliver a comprehensive PTE Core preparation experience with library of recorded lectures, specifically tailored to meet the demands of the PTE Core English test. Customize the learning experience by incorporating your institute's specific strategies and materials, optimising for the nuances of Pearson English standards. This approach not only prepares students thoroughly for the PTE exam but also deepens their understanding of key concepts, enhancing their overall PTE core score.

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Secure Your Brand with Access Control

Protect your PTE coaching institute’s reputation and prevent unauthorized distribution of your proprietary PTE preparation materials with our secure access features. These security measures ensure that only authorized test takers can access practice test or mock test. This level of protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity of your PTE coaching curriculum, providing a secure environment for every test taker to practice and prepare effectively.

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Continuously Updated Question Bank

Keep your students ahead with monthly additions to our question bank, ensuring they practice with the most current and relevant PTE Core material. This ongoing update cycle is crucial for preparing them for the PTE Core test, enabling them to excel in the actual PTE exam. By consistently practicing with up-to-date PTE essential questions, students can significantly improve their PTE Core results, reflecting their readiness and proficiency in meeting the challenges of the PTE core English test.

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Real-time Feedback with Pitch and Pace Meters

Improve student outcomes in speaking tests by using our Pitch and Pace Meters that provide instant feedback in PTE Speaking including Read aloud, Repeat Sentence, Respond to a Situation and Describe Image. All this help students adjust their speech to meet PTE Core standards.

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Simplified Writing and Listening

Help your students master the PTE Core writing and listening sections with our template matching feature, which highlights errors and provides corrective feedback to foster better English proficiency skills. Our PTE core software's sophisticated tools also assist in Summarize Spoken Text. This comprehensive approach makes our platform an essential part of effective PTE coaching, equipping students with the skills needed to excel in all facets of the exam.

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Video Explanations for Reading Section

Make complex reading topics easy with our extensive range of explanatory videos in Hindi and English, designed to simplify learning in both study and practice sessions. Our videos specifically target the needs of PTE test takers, focusing on key English core concepts to enhance understanding and performance. This tailored approach not only prepares candidates thoroughly but also significantly boosts their PTE score, ensuring they are well-equipped to excel in the exam.

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Targeted Practice with PTE Core Skill Exams

Ensure precise assessment and consistent improvement of test takers with Marvel’s Skill Exams, tailored to the scoring patterns of the PTE Core exam. Our skill exams are designed to simulate real PTE Core exam conditions, providing practice test that enhance English language proficiency and predictably reflect expected PTE scores. This targeted preparation helps students accurately gauge their progress and adjust their study strategies to improve scores, ultimately boosting their performance in the actual PTE Core exam.

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Effective Time Management Features

Equip your students to manage their exam time effectively with our time mode feature, preparing them for the actual PTE Core exam conditions. This specialized tool is essential for mastering the timing aspects of the PTE Core test, enabling students to optimize their test-taking strategy to improve their PTE scores. By simulating real exam conditions and focusing on time management, our time mode feature helps ensure that students are not only ready but also confident in their ability to achieve higher scores in the PTE Core exam.

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Features That Teachers Love!

Priya Mehra
Rajat Singh
Anita Desai
Maya Krishnan
Sophie Temblay
Kunal Shah
David Liu
Our institute has significantly improved PTE preparation with this PTE Core software. Many of our candidates aiming for the Express Entry to Canada have achieved impressive scores, helping them advance in the Canada immigration process.

Priya Mehra | Director at Global Language Institute, Mumbai

The real-time feedback and general training modules in the software have been crucial for our students. It directly contributed to their high language proficiency levels, meeting the Canadian Language Benchmark needed for their PR visa applications.

Rajat Singh | Lead Trainer at Delhi PTE Academy

Utilizing this PTE software has transformed how we prepare students for the PTE Core test. It’s an excellent tool for those pursuing the Provincial Nominee Program, enhancing their chances for Canadian immigration.

John | PTE Instructor at Vancouver Language School

Our students consistently achieve the scores required for Citizenship Canada thanks to the comprehensive PTE core preparation provided by this software. It’s a game-changer for anyone targeting the Canadian immigration route.

Anita Desai | Head of Training at Bangalore Education Hub

This PTE software is integral to our training. It covers all aspects of the PTE Core, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for the language test and meet the stringent requirements of the Canadian Language Benchmark.

Maya Krishnan | PTE Coach at Chennai Language Center

As someone helping students navigate the complex world of Canada immigration, this software’s detailed analytics and Pearson English integration have been invaluable. Our students’ improved language proficiency is a testament to its effectiveness.

Sophie Tremblay, Director | Quebec Language Prep

For our students aiming for express entry into Canada, this software's tailored PTE core preparation modules have proven essential. It's perfectly aligned with the needs of candidates seeking to meet the high standards of Canadian Language Benchmark.

Kunal Shah, PTE Tutor | Hyderabad International Education

Our institute relies on this PTE software to equip students with the necessary skills for the PTE Core exam. It’s a vital tool in their journey towards achieving a PR visa and seamlessly integrating into Canadian society.

David Liu | Instructor at Toronto Global Language Center

Our PTE Core software is designed with input from experienced PTE instructors, offering a holistic toolset that includes real exam simulation, progress tracking, and personalized coaching tools to ensure top-tier English language proficiency.

  • Performance Monitoring Dashboard
  • Efficiency Enhancement Tools
  • In-depth Reporting and Insights
  • Progressive Practice Modules
  • Practice Test and Mock test
  • Tailored Content and Question Bank
  • Streamlined User Interface
  • Adaptable, High-Impact Technology
  • Responsive Support and Efficient Onboarding


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Pricing Packages

Transparent and All-Inclusive Price.

Choose from our flexible pricing plans designed to cater to both small and large institutes, with no hidden costs. Our all-inclusive pricing ensures that your PTE coaching institute receives high-quality PTE Core software and continuous updates without additional charges.


(Suitable for smaller institutes)

  • Create PTE Academic and PTE Core Users
  • Pricing Begins at ₹10,000/-
  • Each ID Valid for One Month
  • Slightly Higher Cost per ID
  • Equipped with Advanced AI
  • Dedicated Tools for Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening
  • Comprehensive Student Management
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(Suitable for larger institutes)

  • Create PTE Academic and PTE Core Users
  • Starting at ₹25,000/-
  • Each ID Maintains Validity for Two Months
  • Reduced Monthly Cost per ID
  • Includes Upgraded AI and High-Speed Server Access
  • Suitable for Bulk User Requirements
  • Advanced Tools for PTE Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening
  • Extensive Student Management and Detailed Analytics
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

White-labelled software allows your institute to brand the PTE software as its own. It is hosted on your institute's website, complete with your branding, such as logos, images, and custom templates, making it indistinguishable from your own resources to students.

We can have your PTE software operational within one day, provided all required information is supplied.

Yes, we offer a demo. You can arrange for a demonstration by following this link.

Our AI technology is highly accurate, showing a 90% correlation between the results from our mock tests and students' actual PTE exam performances.

Yes, our platform provides a unified interface that allows you to create and manage both PTE Academic and PTE Core user accounts seamlessly.

Yes, the pricing for ID creation is consistent for both PTE Core and PTE Academic users.

No, they differ; the PTE Core score card is yellow in color.