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Say Goodbye to Essay Writing Struggles with Marvel's Template Matching

"Don't Let Your Students Fall Behind: Marvel's Template Matching is Here"

Are you a PTE trainer or institute owner who struggles with teaching students essaywriting skills?

Do your students struggle with essay templates, making grammar/spelling errors, or missing/adding words, leading to lower scores?

If so, you're not alone. Many trainers and teachers spend a lot of time manually checking for mistakes and providing feedback to students. However, this process can be time-consuming and exhausting for both trainers and students. Thegood news is that there is a solution - Marvel's template matching feature. In this post, we'll explore how Marvel's feature can help you and your students save time, improve scores, and achieve better learning outcomes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Marvel's template matching feature help solve problems?

Marvel's template matching feature is a solution that can simplify the essay writing process for both trainers and students. Here are some of the benefits of using Marvel's template matching feature:

Saves Time: The feature automatically checks templates for mistakes, eliminating the need for trainers to manually check each student's work. This saves valuable time that can be spent on other essential teaching tasks.

Improves Scores: Marvel's template matching feature ensures that students learn templates correctly, which can lead to higher scores on the PTE exam.

Builds Confidence: With the ability to see their mistakes and correct them independently, students can feel more confident in their essay writing skills.

Enhances Learning Outcomes: By simplifying the essay writing process and providing real-time feedback, Marvel's template matching feature can enhance learning outcomes for both trainers and students.

What if our student doesn't use our template?

Our scoring is template independent, and your students will get scores even if they don't use your templates.

Why do you offer template matching if it's not mandatory for scoring?

Template matching is offered to make the task of learning templates and writing them correctly easier for students.

How Marvel's Template Matching Feature Works?

Marvel's template matching feature works by comparing the student's essay against your institute’s template. The feature then identifies any mistakes made by the student and provides real-time feedback. Here's how it works:

  1. The student writes an essay using a template provided by the trainer.
  2. Marvel's template matching feature compares the essay against it.
  3. The feature identifies any mistakes made by the student, such as grammar, spelling errors or missing /added words.
  4. The trainer can then provide real-time feedback to the student, allowing them to correct their mistakes independently.
  5. The student can see their mistakes and learn how to correct them, improving their essay writing skills for PTE exam.
Marvel's template matching feature can help make essay writing easier for your PTE students. Schedule a demo today to see how is that possible.

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