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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are traditional practice tests misleading?

They only assign a limited number of questions to each section and do not take into account the fact that PTE marks come from different sections. For example, PTE writing marks come from Reading and Listening sections as well.
When your students take the writing practice test and score 100% marks in the writing section based on only two questions (Essay and SWT), they might feel confident that they can achieve their target score in the real exam. However, in the PTE exam, writing marks also come from the reading and listening sections. Therefore, it is difficult to determine which question types they might have lacked in and where they need improvement.

Why are Skill Tests better?

They include all the questions that contribute marks to a particular skill, giving you a complete picture of your student’s performance.
When your students take the Writing Skill Test, they get questions from all the related sections, not just writing. This gives a more accurate evaluation of their writing performance. So, they will get questions from reading and listening sections as well as writing, including reading and writing blanks, and SST, Listening Blanks, WFD.

Do you have listening and reading skill tests?

Yes, we do. Our listening and reading skill tests are also based on the same principle as our writing skill tests.

How do the listening skill tests work?

When your students attempt the listening skill tests, they will get questions that contribute marks to the listening section. The test will start with speaking tasks such as Repeat Sentences, Retell Lecture, Short Questions and then move on to the listening section.

How does the Skill Test benefit coaching institutes and students?

The Skill Test is a valuable tool for coaching institutes as it enables personalized learning experiences for each student. Institutes can easily identify areas of improvement and create customized learning plans that cater to each student's unique needs. For students, Skill Tests provide an accurate assessment of their readiness for the PTE exam, helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses and work towards their target score.

Don't rely on incomplete section-wise practice tests. Get an accurate understanding of your students' strengths and weaknesses with Skill Tests.

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