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Functions Available in the Manager Account

Read the guide below carefully if you are new to the Portal:

Home Page: In the right corner of the image you can see the Username and Type of your [manager /back-end ] account. This page will let you access all other sub-pages that are required and they have been highpghted ahead.


Users Page: To check status of already added user accounts and add new users according to customisations needed.(Requires funds)

Details of an (already) added user.

Details of user’s subscription period.

Plan type and below that is the Upgrade / Extend Days button, which is used to extend subscription date. (does not add new mock tests when extending days)

Eye icon: View the back-end page of a user's account; Pencil icon: Edit user details; Lock icon: Update user account password.

Power Login icon: Move to the front end of the portal i.e., the student user account end, where all features of the software can be accessed.

Add New User Button.


Support Videos Page: to watch the pst of support videos that can help you get acquainted with the features of your PTE portal and also help you in fixing certain issues.

admin_svg admin_svg

Wallet Page: To add and manage funds in your portal, which are needed to add / extend days for users from the Users Page.


→ Please be careful when navigating to the page shown below. It opens by cpcking on the Extend Days button appearing under the Plan column of the Users Page. Never cpck more than one time on the Update button highpghted below.