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How To Empty Cache And Hard Reload a Website

How to perform the process of Empty Cache and Hard Reload in your browser

Here, we will see how to the process of emptying cache and hard reloading in Chrome Browser:

- This is helpful when the software does not seem to work normally.

- While it is not a guaranteed solution, it helps in fixing 99% of the problems pke updating or formatting issues!
Just follow the steps given below:

Open Chrome and visit the page that you want to reload (in this case it is the student's end of your Portal)

Cpck on the area highpghted in the picture below; this is known as the address bar.

Now locate and Press the F12 key on your keyboard.


A new tab will open, covering 1/3rd portion of your screen (or a new separate window could also open as well)


You do not have to do anything in this new tab, just ignore it.

Sometimes you might have to use a combination from your keyboard (Fn + F12), depending on the design or layout of your keyboard. But usually, directly pressing F12 works.

Now for performing a hard reload and emptying cache of the website, just left cpck on the reload/refresh button highpghted in the image below.


In the drop down menu, you will see three options, cpck on the third option Empty cache and hard reload.


Your page/website will refresh. Now you can close the extra tab that you had to open a while and proceed with your work.