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What to do when PTE software keeps giving errors

Sometimes the software can start giving some random problems to users. This usually happens because your computer's Chrome browser is of an older version and has not been updated in a long time. PTE software requires certain features of Chrome, which are only available in the latest versions. That is why we always recommend keeping your Chrome browser updated.

But sometimes, it also happens that Chrome cannot auto-update to the latest version even when forced to. This happens when your Windows Updates are also missing. This usually happens with Windows 7.

In that case:

  • Check and install Windows updates ➝ Restart your computer ➝ Try updating Chrome browser again
    [For Windows 10]
  • Check and install Windows updates ➝ Restart your computer ➝ Uninstall, Download & Reinstall Chrome browser
    [For Windows 7]

The minimum required version of Chrome is v109. It gets installed in Windows 10 after taking the above steps but sometimes not in Windows 7. In that case, upgrading your computer to at least Windows 10 is recommended.

[For most Windows 7 Editions Chrome has ended live updates and support and does not offer them anymore]

A good solution is to remove Windows 7 and instead use PTE software on Windows 10 at least so that your computer is future-proof. And this will also ensure that there are lesser problems for your students!

Refer below to know how to update Chrome Browser:

Support Guide: How to Update Chrome Browser?

Support Video ↴

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